Adani Enterprises Limited
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Rp 3,208.75
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Adani Enterprises Dividend 2024 & 20 Years Dividend History

When is the dividend date & ex-dividend date for BSE:512599? Does Adani Enterprises stock have a high dividend yield?

Div Yld
3 Years
Dividend Growth
Div Yld
Dividend Growth
3 Years
Date Amount Div Yld
07/07/2023 Rp1.20 0.05%
07/14/2022 Rp1.00 0.05%
07/01/2021 Rp1.00 0.07%
03/23/2020 Rp1.00 0.81%
07/29/2019 Rp0.40 0.31%
09/06/2018 Rp70.20 42.86%
07/27/2018 Rp0.40 0.20%
04/05/2018 Rp21.31 14.43%
07/31/2017 Rp0.40 0.29%
03/22/2016 Rp0.40 0.59%

Does Adani Enterprises Limited pay a dividend?

Yes the company Adani Enterprises Limited (BSE:512599) pays a annual dividend of Rp1.20.

What is the dividend yield of Adani Enterprises Limited?

Adani Enterprises Limited - 512599 has a dividend yield of 0.04%

How long has Adani Enterprises Limited been paying dividends?

Adani Enterprises Limited (BSE:512599) stock has been paying dividend to its shareholders since 08/27/2001.

How many years in a row did the dividend increase at Adani Enterprises Limited?

The dividend of (512599) Adani Enterprises Limited increased for the last 3 consecutive years.

What was the last dividend payment of Adani Enterprises Limited stock?

The last dividend payment of BSE:512599 stock was a annual of Rp1.20.

When will the Adani Enterprises Limited dividend be paid?

This information is not available yet.

Is the 512599 dividend paid annually or quarterly?

Adani Enterprises Limited (512599) pays a annual dividend.

Dividend History

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