About TopGraphs™

Less risk, more return

We make stock research as easy as possible. With TopGraphs™ you can find undervalued stocks faster and have all fundamental data in view immediately so that you have more success as an investor.

Our mission

We want to help investors to more success. That’s why TopGraph gives you a deep insight into the performance of companies – and thanks to easy-to-understand graphics, you can check the investment potential at a glance.

The research and analysis of company data is an important step for every investor – TopGraphs™ takes care of this for you, so that you save effort and make better investment decisions.

What else do we do differently?

Unlike other providers, we focus exclusively on relevant company data. So you don’t have to go through countless datasets or charts to find the most important fundamental data of companies.

Top Graphs also offers by far the most company analysis – over 150.000 stocks from 91 markets. If a stock is still missing from the system, just let us know and we will do our best to add it.

About the founder

TopGraphs™ was published in 2020 by Marcus Kitzmann – after years of development. Like most investors, Marcus was looking for ways to better analyze stocks and achieve higher profits.

Various software helped – and yet some things were missing. Above all, a reliable risk analysis. This is exactly what Marcus with his years of experience as an investor has now achieved with TopGraphs™ – and created a tool that explains the most important key figures in an easily understandable way in order to find out the real value of a stock.